As a journalist we know its impossible for you to be on the spot every time a news story breaks yet you need to have content to write or compliment your story.

With more than almost 1.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, anyone is potentially a photographer or cameraman ready to capture that moment when a story breaks.

This is where Newzbid® can assist you with images and footage of breaking news, celebrities, traffic incidents or lets face it anything that is of newsworthy content. Newzbidders® around the world submit content to us allowing you as journalist to quickly react, purchase and publish quality content to create or supplement your story.

More than 70% of journalists depend on and source content from Social Media. This can be both time consuming and somewhat frustrating as thousands of other media outlets do exactly the same thing and as a result use the same content.

You can use Newzbid® as a point of differentiation and set your story apart from others by letting us deliver content to you that is not readily found elsewhere. Thereby, further engaging your readers and viewers, as they are more likely to turn to original content.

A significant amount of content goes unreported or unpublished, yet it has been captured by someone who was in the right place at the right time. Newzbid® aims to entice this content from phones all around the world via a Ca$h reward system all done via the Newzbid® App. This will rely on Media Companies ultimately agreeing to purchase this content as a cost effective option to how conventional content is sourced, ultimately enhancing even more the service delivered to their customers. Nothing of value can be FREE forever!

Nowadays everyone is under the public.s scrutiny and glare, celebrities, policeman, sporting personalities, just about anyone or anything that is newsworthy. In years gone by police incidents were easily concealed and covered and left unresolved. Nowadays seconds after an incident occurs you can bet someone will be nearby armed with a smartphone ready to tell the world what just happened.

Make Newzbid® your preferred outsourced option for any or all your content.

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