How it Works

Become a Newzbidder® by downloading the Newzbid App from the App store (Available in Apple and Android) and registering with the necessary details.

You are now ready to become a Newzbidder® and make some money whilst having fun at the same time. Capture the moment using a photo OR Video...

Add specific details relevant to what it is you have captured.....

Select if you are interested in an Exclusive Offer from any interested Media Company

Then just Newzbid it......and we take care of the rest.

Newzbid reviews your content as part of the process, at the same time places a value on it, once approved then makes it available to subscribed members, which is almost instantaneous, ensuring the content is .hot off the press..

If a purchase is confirmed and a transaction takes place by one or more Media companies you are notified of this, including the total amount bid for your content, via your Inbox within the Newzbid App. Any negotiations on offers that may involve Exclusivity for your content is done by Newzbid on your behalf.

Newzbid formalizes each agreement with the individual Media Companies who have made an offer on your content and facilitates the necessary payment.

The Newzbidder® is paid immediately the payment has been made by the buyer.... NO waiting. The amount appears within the Newzbidder Profile Cash Balance. This can be paid via the preferred option when you choose to cash out.. This includes Pay Pal or direct deposit into you nominated Bank Account. (Less the Newzbid commission)

All content at this point becomes the proprietary ownership of Newzbid. Copies of the content with Newzbid Overlays will be provided back to the Newzbidder® to allow them to Share via Social Media.... Encouraging your friends to become a Newzbidder®. NO content should be uploaded to Social Media once uploaded to Newzbid as this impacts the value to Media Companies who are seeking to be the first ones to publish the content as aprt of their news reporting systems/processes.