How do I become a Newzbidder®?

You can download the FREE App from the Apple App store and Google Play marketplace.

How do I register?

Complete the registration process as part of the App download. This provides Newzbid® with all of your relevant details to ensure that your rewards as a Newzbidder® are made immediately available to you once content you have uploaded has been purchased.

How does the Newzbid® App work?

It's simple... When a Newz event unfolds before your very eyes, select whether you wish to take a photo or Video (Or select from your Camera Roll) and start capturing the event.

What do I do now?

Once you have captured the image/video you will be given the option to add a Title, select a Category and add comments to help describe the moment you have just captured. Whilst the time/date and geo location is automated you are able to describe exactly what it is you have captured. This adds to the integrity of the content and maximizes the chances of greater rewards.

How do I know if the photo or video quality is acceptable?

The Newzbid® team can determine that for you once it has been received and approved. Whilst it is not always easy under pressure when things are unfolding it is important to try and ensure maximum quality as this ensures maximum financial rewards. Do NOT go close to dangerous situations and stay clear of all incidents that are dangerous.

Do I need to do anything to the photo or video before I send it?

Do not alter the photo or video in any way or add special effects as this can detract from the authenticity and ultimate value in your content to Media buyers.

Can I send old photos I have taken that I have saved?

Yes you can via the Choose existing functionality within the App.

Can I send photos from other phones?

You must be the owner of the photo or video for Newzbid® to consider assisting you with selling this content. Copyright is protected by law and strict compliance is enforced by Newzbid®. Any failure to comply will result in you from being banned from using the Newzbid® service.

Do I own all photos and videos that I take including in public places?

We recommend that you investigate the respective Privacy Laws that are applicable in your country as they differ. It is usually permissible to take photos or video in a public place, including of people, however this is not permissible on private properties or within commercial buildings without the necessary permission. In instances where possible it is recommended that permission be sought.

Can my photos or videos feature persons that can be identified?

Unless the person is a well known public figure you must have their permission. By accepting the Newzbid® Terms & Conditions you agree to comply with the rules regarding individuals.

Is there a maximum length of size Video that I can send?

Newzbid® has no restrictions on the length or size of the Video being submitted this is typically determined by the type of phone you are using. *Please be aware that depending on your mobile plan charges may apply as part of this so consult your carrier to confirm this.

Can I send photos or Video from my computer or the web?

No using the Newzbid® App is the preferred method to use to send photos as this assist with validating the authenticity of the photo or video as it has the necessary date,time and location details as part of this which maximizes the chances of any payments being made to purchase your content.

Do I need to save the photos or video once I have sent it to Newzbid®?

Newsbid will store and retain copies of all content as they become sole owner of this as part of the Newzbid® offer process. Any future use of ALL content must use the Newzbid® watermarked versions which will be provided as part of the formal transaction process. Refer to the Newzbid® Terms & Conditions about content ownership.

How much money will I make?

This is determined by the quality of the content you are capturing and the number of interested Media companies wanting to purchase this content. All content received and approved will be made available to Newzbid® Media subscribers to maximize the amount you can make.

How will I know how much I have made?

All cash you earn will be communicated to you through the Newzbid® App Inbox functionality to allow you to then share the good news with your friends and encourage them to become a Newzbidder®.

How do I get paid?

As content is sold to different Media companies your Newzbid® account will reflect your real time balance. As a Newzbidder® you can chose to .cash out. at any stage at which point Newzbid® will make the agreed transaction in accordance with your preferred method of payment. This includes Pay Pal or direct to a noiminated Bank Account.

Can I leave my funds in my Newzbid® account?

Yes you can. If you choose to do this you are then able to cash out any or all funds that are owing when you choose. At this point Newzbid® will make the necessary transaction based on your preferred payment method.

Who owns the rights to the photos or Videos I send to Newzbid®?

As part of the acceptance of Terms & Conditions at sign up you agree to transfer the exclusive ownership and copyright to Newzbid® and in return where a Media Company has agreed to buy this content this compensation is transferred to you as the Newzbidder®

If my photo or video is purchased who owns this?

Any transaction between Newzbid® and a Media Company (Buyer) allows for specific use of the photo or video they do not then own this content, this remains the sole ownership of Newzbid®.

Who can buy photos or videos from Newzbid®?

Anyone who subscribes and pays their monthly or annual subscription,(if applicable) can buy from Newzbid®.