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For quite a number of years now people around the world have used the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc as their No1 destination for their content. Whilst getting Likes OR Retweets is Cool....

Getting Ca$h is even cooler!

These larger social networking sites initially started out as a means of staying in touch with friends with holiday pics, family gatherings, birthdays, weddings etc. however it didn.t take long for the commercialization of these sites to take place, which transformed them and changed how we exchange information forever.

Although the main social media sites have maintained their position as a destination for personal content, a major contributing factor to their multi billion dollar valuations as they are today is people.s content.and the content you share with hundreds of your friends who in turn share with hundreds of their friends and so on.

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with that however, what sends social network sites into meltdown is when somebody, like you, uploads NEWSWORTHY content.
When this happens, journalists, TV stations, newspapers, media companies, worldwide scurry to trawl through the social media sites to rebrand YOUR content as their own. And what.s more is that they have access to it totally FREE OF CHARGE, yet they will leverage off this to drive traffic to their websites where of course companies pay hefty to dollars to promote and advertise their products.

This scenario is played out daily all over the world...the question is WHY? Should normal everyday people who happen to be in the right place at the right time be rewarded for their efforts, as is the case with Professional and Freelance Photographers or others who contribute content? The answer is YES of course they should however until now the mechanism to connect the buyer and the seller has not existed, which Newzbid® is changing.

Nothing of value can be FREE forever......and furthermore a greater appreciation of things comes from having to pay for it, regardless of how much! Media Companies rewarding content providers is NOT new, as people everyday win Vouchers, bottles of wine, Movie Tickets and in some cases one off cash prizes and even larger annual prizes such as a car. This in itself is an admission of the value that content captured and/or providers by the general public has a value, so to expand on that Newzbid® is taking this one step further by opening the opportunity for Ca$h rewards to the smartphone population globally.

To give you an example of how valuable your content could be, most of us will remember the horrific events on the 15th of April 2013 when a bomb went off at the Boston Marathon. Despite a heavy presence of cameras from numerous television networks, it was social media that dominated the websites of news outlets such as The Boston Globe.

As word spread of the blasts that Monday afternoon, social media shaped every aspect of the incident, from runners giving their accounts of the race-turned-nightmare on Facebook, to authorities using Twitter to give instant updates, to The Boston Globe which temporarily converted its homepage to a live blog that pulled in Tweets from Boston authorities, news outlets, and of course ordinary citizens. In fact content provided from bystanders with their smartphone was deemed invaluable as it was used to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

The significant thing here is that these ordinary citizens were providing content to media outlets totally FREE of charge, yet the media outlets themselves were getting millions and millions of hits on their websites which of course resulted in a very lucrative day for advertisers.

Newzbid® recognises the value of your content and will endeavour to ensure that newsworthy content is rewarded properly and fairly, whilst still being fun and easy. You may think your content has no value but we have many people uploading content to Newzbid® that has remained unforgotten in their camera roll. And what.s more they are selling this content.

One of our "Newzbidders®" (as we like to call them) had in his library a rare pic of David Grohl (lead singer of the Foo Fighters) back stage chatting with the support band. Another Newzbidder® captured a never-before-seen image of five-time Grand Slam Singles winner Martina Hingis in an intimate moment with her ex-husband. Both of these items sold easily yet surprisingly they sat in person.s camera roll for years because the owner thought they were of no value.

You may have an image or footage that was taken years ago of an event that may become relevant one day, or an image that an editor needs for feature story that he/she is working on that no one else has.

Make Newzbid® your number one destination for content and become a Newzbidder® today.

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