About Us

Newzbid® Pty Ltd was established in 2014 in an attempt to find something that would take what everyone does every day and make it fun and rewarding. Newzbid® provides real time content to Media companies who are wanting to keep their readers up to date and informed with the latest that is happening around them...regardless of where they are in the world. Newzbid® recognizes the value in content that would otherwise go un reported or un rewarded, by providing a real time and instant connection between events that are being captured throughout the world and the mass of Media companies wanting the latest information to report..and rewarding the "Newzbidder®" for their efforts.
The aim of Newzbid® is not to replace conventional reporting rather to compliment it, as journalists and reporters cannot be everywhere all the time, but more than likely there is someone at every incident with a smartphone.so why let the moment go unreported, and "Turn your Content into Ca$h" at the same time.

Newzbid® holds promotions usually on a weekly basis, we have given away lots of prize money to our new and loyal Newzbidders®, join today and be a part of the Newzbidder® experience.