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2 aussie nrl coaches

don furner snr and Tim sheens in conversation at raiders v Newcastle game last weekend

Fire at Virar station Mumbai

Huge fire broke out in the signal cable box on The platform at Virar railway staton on Tuesday evening. Peak hour suburban services have been severely affected and trains are running upto Nalasopara station only Efforts to restore power supply is on rage

Sunny day

Beautiful sunset


Kuonji temple in Japan

city of calm

beautifull view of a mosque located in capital city of islamabad, city: islamabad country: pakistan captured by me last week

Inside the Cruise Ship Navigator of the Seas

This was taken during my stay in the cruise ship Navigator of the Seas. This is inside the ship.

Spirit of freedom

Newzbidders from India celebrate Independence Day by wearing tricolour Newzbid handbands resembling Indian flag..!

Bribie island cops qld dumb asses

Still stuck and tide on its way in

Save your lungs ...

along with Newzbid promotions I also supported a cause .. You can see that I am wearing a badge which reads "save your lungs " quit smoking ..!

Bus in cebu city

Bus flooded by typhoon senyiang

Eid Milad Celebration

Union of siddiq trade center Lahore cuts massive 100 pound cake on occasion of 12th rabiulawal. Mpa Bhao Akhtar was invited as chief guest.

Cool truck

Found this truck in the street today

this is mazar sharef city in afghanistan

No comment

Truck carrying gypsum bags met with an accident

Truck carrying gypsum bags met with an accident on mum- pune express highway

Train crashes at churchgate station Mumbai India

Mumbai local train crashes into platform at Churchgate station

cruel act in nepal killing 5000 baffalos

Very cruel act

Vigo cat


bus driver of bus number killed the boy

A boy got killed on the spot by the BEST bus driver. The incident happened near andheri when the bus route 331 driver lost control and killed the teenager. The driver is missing. Police is in the search of the driver.

Next building kfc bandra

Situation under control

Sunset Approaches

Brizzy 4 day weekend coming to a close

Laugh and love


Wiladat E Moula Ali..

People celebrate Moula Ali birthday in mumbai.

try to kill

In urumqi there is person caught by police he try to kill road side walking people with knife .some injured seriously

People waiting for the iPhone 6 at westfields Fointain Gat Victoria

Fancy Sofas have become beds for the night as people eagerly wait outside for the apple store doors to open at westfields fountain gate.

teachers' playtime

World teachers' day celebration: The municipality of calauag held a teachers' day celebration. The teachers were given one day to enjoy each other's company. A program was held and several parlor games were done, including this one. Let's have fun watching this race.l

Earthquake drill

Earthquake drill of the sacred heart of jesus montessori school in the ground floor. Consisting the staff of the school and the CASA students with their teachers and assistant teachers.

Barack Obama @ a food joint during his visit to india

Managed to get a this pic from a mutual friend of Barack Obama having dinner at non so famous food joint in delhi during his visit to India. Hope this has not got viral yet.

Father and Son Playing

Playing to make happy each other

Heavy hailing

last night in Luoyang city in western henan province of central China ,it hailed heavily, causing damage to a lot of people's property ,the size of a hail was as big as a ball,

Penang 1.1.2015 .. 10,000 people participate for the heritage walk

Fun and fresh to kick start year 2015!!

Driving in traffic outside Seattle

Time Lapse of a drive through Seattle. Shot on an iPhone 5

karachi gaden east


Sleepy Spider

Sleeping Spider..

Full of Snow in the Carpark of Mt.Titlis,Switzerland

I took this pic last Feb 2015 when I visited Mt.Titlis. Their carpark was really full of snowflakes.

Kites festival

City of Hyderabad celebrated the festival of kites


Find one spider in my mouse...


Local made hand water pump

Paper truck on fire


Two wheelers set on fire during rights in jharkhand

As seen in the pic bikes were set on. Fire during rights happened at jharkhand during Muslim festival eid e milad

sunset in materan maharastra india

Sunset in matheran maharatra india.. one of the most beautiful place in india

Today "Fire" ruined KFC in Bandra West

Hot news in monsoon!!

Drugs found in dumped car

Canterbury Gardens Woolworths Kilsyth Vic 21-6-16 @ 1pm Police in attendance

Old Sacramento

River View

Dark cloudy day in hollywood,FL

Sad weather day in Hollywood, FL

Why santacruz, juhu and bandra is the best place to live in Mumbai

Every Sunday morning from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, on Linking Road, SV Road and a small section of Juhu Road, in the suburbs of Bandra, Khar and Santacruz. One side of the road remains closed to vehicular traffic to create a 6-kilometer long open space for people. The other side will remains open for general traffic. Everyday, people in Mumbai are being squeezed out of spaces meant for walking or cycling by the sheer pressure of cars; whose numbers are growing exponentially each year. Footpaths have either been eradicated or completely encroached upon by other uses. In order to provide better and safer walking and cycling infrastructure, NGOs, cycling groups and residential welfare associations have come together to introduce EQUAL STREETS – a new, innovative concept to correct the fundamental imbalance in our city’s urban planning priorities. Everyone will have access to these open spaces on Sunday mornings. Activities like yoga, zumba and street dancing will be conducted and people of all age groups are welcome to participate and interact with the community. The purpose of Equal Streets is to address the mobility and safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists, by seeking the provision of continuous and well-maintained footpaths and non-motorized transport-specific infrastructure. Through this movement, people seek to make our roads more inclusive, for the benefit and safety of all road users.

Sydney Central Station Fire

Smoke covering Belmore Park

Robbie Slater in goals

Asian cup launch

Full moon in the UK

Couldn't sleep, then saw this wonderful sight!

Miracle on Mosque

A miracle happened on a dome of mosque named Masjid E Nawbi in Saudi where the dome turned Red...

Dates drying process


bayanihan in calamity

Ortigas extention

Another angle of truck accident at Sahar road (Mumbai airport)

The truck lost balance and turned upside down on the road near Mumbai airport Sahar road. The accident happened an hour ago and police closed the road where accident took place. No casualties reported yet

wintry garden

surreal making statues look real in queenslands heavy snowfall


ugly weather in Virginia with rain clouds wind and cold weather

Bus crash North Melbourne

Bus crash in North Melbourne


China ( Xinjiang wulumuqi ) snowing in Urumqi . Again causing accident at roads in Urumqi city ..a bus is hitted backside by jeep . Three persons will be in the jeep . Two are injured slightly but driver has injured on head due to bleeding he is admitted in the nearly urumqi hospital

horse float carrying 14 horses

Sadly one horse had to be euthanised.

night clouds aproaching...

Night time clouds slowly coming inland off the beaches if the Surfcoast!

Local Train Accident

A local train at churchgate station got brakes failed and crossed the main flatform this morning...

Awesome alaska

Clouds right above anchorage

Car crash deer park

Horrible car accident station rd deer park

Meet the victims of Mumbai riot who were Beaten badly

You will see on this video that theses guys sustain a injury on their head. They say they were driving on the road when group of people finally attacked them and started kicking them and hitting them mercilessly. The rioters even hit them on a moving bike and took the key of their bike and started hitting them again with road and sticks. This video is still not telecasted on any news channel to avoid any civil unrest

Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan

Philippine Airlines Office???

Yes this is what happened to our flag carriers office here in Tacloban City. Wrecked and damaged as well.

Sand bathing!!!


Pink clouds?!

I took this picture of the evening sky and captured what looks like pink clouds! United Kingdom

Car in dam

Cnr thompson rd and narre warren/cranbourne rd cranbourne nth


Illumination in Kogen Beer Gotenba

New London newhampshire. Wonderful place to live

Driving my daughter back to college at. Colby sawyer college in New London NewHampshire. The drive was breathtaking. Wonderful place to live.

Girl Power

Display of the Girl Power..

Salman' s request to Pakistan ..!

Film star salman Khan tweets a controversial tweet in the morning which is not available on the internet now. Salman Khan had to delete this tweet as a huge controversy erupts. Salman Khan condemned the death sentence of Yakub Memon who was a convict of 1993 Mumbai blast. Salman also addresses Pakistan's Nawaz sharif in a tweet request him to inform india if there are any other terrorist s in Pakistan who were among main culprits of 1993 Bombay bomb blasts

Vanilla Vibes - Greece in the World Cup'14

Surreal World Cup atmosphere around the Oakleigh cafés. The spirit of this sport is growing in this country.

Marine drive

Place is very common, a particular beauty is captured into my camera

Evans Head Bar 2015

Evans Head Bar, this Happened after they drenched the river. All the sand came together and created this

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons landing at faulkner park melbourne

Snow fall

Snow fall view in Urumqi

Burning car

Burning car on road

afternoon time with sunchine

This photo taken in afternoon in kashmiri mountain

Burj e khalifa dubai

Highest building in the world

Scaffold collapsing on Lonsdale St, Melbourne

The demolition of The Age building on 612 Lonsdale st, Melbourne 3000 has come to a halt. As they were pulling down the last standing section of the outside wall, the rubble fell the wrong way and pushed against the scaffolding cashing to almost collapse. Police are here and have closed the road going east until the scaffolding can be put right and secured. But for once, its not Grocons fault!

lights show

Lights show in kuwait sharq.. amazing to see

Children fun

childrens are innocent but funny

Take a person in sleeping mode

How to take a person in sleeping mode just fun only

weather beauty


spritual healing of tooth ache

On my visit to a small village of Khashkelli goth near new saeedabad city approximately 240 km away from Pakistans metropolitan city Karachi. I heard news from the local civilians that there is a man who heals tooth ache through recitation of Quranic verses (Islamic). I already had pain in my teeth and as no dentists around the small village. I paid a visit to this man his name is Haji Allahadad Khashkelli. He told me to hold my teeth the one that was affected and started to recite Quranic verses after a short period of time he told me to spit and recite the Qalma. I could not believe that within a minute my pain was healed and he didn't even ask for money. The more amazing thing about this man and his spritual healing is that. He heals people through phone calls also. The people who live away from his village give him calls everyday and he tells them the same procedure by holding the affected tooth and he recites the quranic verses and tell them to spit and recite the Qalma (Islamic). And they are healed.

flooding in pakistan

heavy rains causing flooding in pakistan, take a look into water fall caused by heavy rains. city: Murree country: pakistan dated : 4-9-2014 video captured by me from my mobile phone.

Sydney Central Station Fire

Staff of Hungry Jack's made it out safely

Govindas everywhere!

A famous govinda festival was celebrated across various parts of Mumbai. This one is from curry road south Mumbai ..!


China (xinjiang , Urumqi ) from two days raining in Urumqi city in China . Traffic jam during raining in front of xinjiang medical university


A tiny boat..

Speed thrills but kills.

Accident of Honda Civics latest Model At Lahore Motorway

Satisfaction when you see parts of your card after digging Ice for hours

This was today's photo from weston USA. People have to literally dig for hours to find their car. It's record breaking snowfall here ..

Fire alarm went off cause someone burnt food

Cooking bacon at school and the fire alarm went off because we burnt it, then two fire engines turn up

Car vs street light.

Car knocks over a street light causing it to block all rows of traffic heading out of the city on Nepean highway in aspendale

Indigenous Land Rights Protest NAIDOC Week

Indigenous Land Rights Protest NAIDOC Week Federation Square Melbourne

Red centre NATS

Alice springs launching the 2015 Red Centre Desert NATS with Adam Giles

Sheriff on the warpath

Sherrif's office Victoria clamped 6 cars in a local park in High street Melton

Awards 2016

Best designers maxsima basu for bajirao mastaani

Night view

Cold and romantic scene in xinjiang wulumuqi

Floods in kuwait

Floods due to yeaterday night rain in kuwait. Major parts of kuwait is drowned under water