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green iguanna at bromo mountain

Green iguanna at bromo mountain, 22 november 2013. 1 year a go

Chelas boder shot.. Amazing

Chelas boder shot in kpk. Pakistan

Arizona storms

Over by the Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix, AZ scary skies and beautiful weather!! Looks like a big storm is rolling in right now! The temps are perfect and the thunder and lightning are amazing!

Pipeline damage at Jogeshwari Viashalinagar

Water wastage

Satisfaction when you see parts of your card after digging Ice for hours

This was today's photo from weston USA. People have to literally dig for hours to find their car. It's record breaking snowfall here ..

Traffic at a Standstill on I275 In Tampa, FL

Traffic was banked up for hours on Wednesday due to a major accident on the Interstate 275 northbound in Tampa Florida. The normal commute of 45 minutes averaged around 3 hours. Just a day earlier, the entire I275 was closed off for numerous hours due to an overturned truck spilling fertilizer across all the lanes.

Heavy Rain ::: Defence Road Sialkot

Driving in heavy rain

John Laws and the Princess

Walking down the Wharf Woolloomooloo September 2015

Heavy traffic balintawak-valenzuela southbound lane

Heavy traffic balintawak-valenzuela southbound lane

Construction of wooden boats

This how people make perfect wooden boats without any measuring instrument and without design layout. Karachi, Pakistan

Good morning!!

A bright start to your day!

icc world cup 2015 at kala ghoda

this pic to chair up to team india for 2015 icc world cup

urumqi metro train

Urumqi metro train construction site full of snow fall in 2017 metro train will be opened for public

Weather at Sialkot

Today Flood scene Small industrial estate Road Sialkot Pakistan

Car Crash

Teaching a mate to drive manual.

Heritage Village

It was built in the 16th century. It is a typical Spanish colonial town. The materials used to make the houses were brought all the way from Europe. The materials used for the houses are pebbles, adobe, posts, and bricks. The buildings are a mix of the Spanish, Mexican and Chinese styles which makes this place rich in history and culture. The Vigan Heritage Village is considered a UNESCO Heritage Site. The only mode of transportation here is through what we called "kalesa" or "karitela".

Fire at lokhandwala market Mumbai

a major fire broke out at the famous eatery joint in Andheri lokhandwala Mumbai. The reason of fire is still unknown. Locals to the rescue . Reason of the incident is still unknown. The incident took place at around 7.30 pm

Wind destruction

8 degree wind in Urumqi ,China , Caused great destruction

Angry mob

A bike set on fire by the angry mob.

Happy Mother's Day

Worth a watch!!

Tarbela dam

Nice location

Abandoned Indonesian church

Abandoned Indonesian church

World Cup in Oakleigh - on Roof

The crowd was crazy as Greece lost in penalties against Costa Rica

Tree fell on rickshaw and fortunately driver escaped safely

This happend an hour ago where tree fell from an height on rickshaw and fortunately driver escaped safely

Truck roll over

Frankston freeway

Salman Khan Trial in Court.

Salman Khan hearing today in court where court ordered a 5 year term jail for Hit n Run case against him today in Mumbai

Olivia Palermo spotted at Chadstone Shopping Centre Melbourne Australia

US Fashion icon, model and actress Olivia Palermo spotted at Chadstone Shopping Centre

purple leaves plant

nature beauty of purple leaves plant


Came across an ATM of SBI BANK in gujrat where it's also used for tailoring apart from withdrawing cash..

Birds on the ice if Merrimack river in lowell

Cold weather birds still manage to enjoy the water ice or not, this is the Merrimack river in Lowell,ma

flooded edsa due to typhoon Mario

another typhoon hits Philippines again.

Dog with doll

dong wearing some funny dress

Medics are readily available for any casualties in the hostage drama

drama. Talking while waiting for it to end 1 hour earlier in pampanga.

Pune- Bangalore highway accident at 10:15 pm.

A very bad accident took place yesterday at around 10.15 PM IST. This happened at Pune- Bangalore highway. No causalities driver is safe

Waterfall with a rainbow

waterfall with a rainbow - Yellowstone national park

Is my school book proven wrong? It had said Cat eats mice... here its Cat scared of Mice

Just see how Cat is scared of small mice!!

night view of muzaffarabad

This photo taken in muzaffarabad Kashmir in night by my brother

modified supra new look brisbane queensland .

saw this car at brisbane supra

School child collect funds

An indian school child collects funds for victims of the devasting earthquake in Nepal

night clouds aproaching...

Night time clouds slowly coming inland off the beaches if the Surfcoast!

Bayonne park

Seaview Bayonne park

MCG Light Tower

MCG Light Tower in the autumn afternoon sun

Armed forces are now helping!

All branches of armed forces are now helping the people who are affected by the flood and finding the missing people. Please pray for us.

angry goat

its just funny

My daughter

Love this

Temple decorated with currency worth 1001 crores

Andhra pradesh, Amalapuram Vasavi Temple decorated by 1001crore (see the note bundles on the roof)

Fat rolls aren't children


A priceless view

unexpected weather in pattaya (Thailand)



cyclone marcia is supposed to be approaching

Storm Clouds over Bondi

Storm Brewing

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How's the view?

Breathtaking view of Dundee Beach in Northen Territory, Australia.

Let Gods light shine!

Shot captured on a Canon Powershot G5X . Copyright @StephanieIsLive

Arizona can be breathtaking beautiful

absolutely beautiful pic of Arizona In the San Tans

large worm

A large worm seen after raining at lahore in Pakistan.

Macklemore spotted at Adelaide Thai restaurant

With his girlfriend enjoying an uninterrupted meal in a small local Thai shop

View at Hill top in ocean park

Cable car in ocean park hong kong. facing Lantau Island

Firefighters enter property to battle out of control fire

Fire in Launching Place coming onto farmland. Firefighters entering paddocks to stop fire

Pushkar lake (india)

A famous lake ghandi's ashes trow it on this lake for purification of his soul

sunshine in river

Sialkot shrine

Maggie Noodles being destroyed

Maggie Noodles being destroyed after being banned due to excessive amount of lead found in it

Angle of KFC fire from building terrace

Huge fire broke out at KFC building linking road bandra in Mumbai few minutes ago .. The entire shopping centre is affected .. 8 fire vans reached at the spot and they are trying to make sure no one is stuck inside the building. Heavy rains making it difficult for the fire brigade team to conduct the rescue operation. The reason is said to be due to short circuit

Bees swarm Bondi

A swarm of bees terrified beach goers at bondi beach before settling on a bicycle attached to the back of a car

Typhoon Hagupit local name (Ruby)

Floods are getting worst time over time. Many of our neighbors have been stranded in their home as well as our relatives.


nature beauty from jivdani temple, virar

SoCal Thuggin

Where in the world?

Chocolate Hills

Tourist Spot in Bohol Philippines

street in ortigas

Bcos of typoon

Flinders street

Cold Melbourne weather

hey the traffic on Mass Pike Natick mass

stay away from the Mass Pike

Cebu, philippines! A must visit tourist spot, the Basilica del sto.nino church, one of the oldest churches built in the country way back from the of spanish era.

Every once in a week we come to visit this church!

Red zone Islamabad

Shelling, fighting e.t.c responsibility goes to Both goverment and protesters

ancient monument

Ancient monuments found in champa c.g

Gym is now many of our Filipinos' home

As we get ready for the super typhoon, many of us opted to stay inside the gymnasium just to be safe. We are in need for clothing, beddings, and food and water. Please help.

Pakistan high alert... Rains and flood

Flood in the capital city Islamabad pakistan

beautiful green land in Kashmir

This photo taken in agriculture area of Kashmir

Historical fire place still stands in Nickerson park in Brewster,ma

fire place still stands and has a historical plate on it. It still stands in Nickerson park in Brewster mass on the Cape.

Fire outbrust

Please pray for the victims

surfers paradise

what is going on with the water. view from level 50 soul building


fish in the sikh gurudwara temple .

Riverview in Kashmir

This photo taken in Kashmir is a huge scam!!!

They promise to pay out at $500 and I cashed out almost a week ago and no money was sent and I haven't received any replies to the several emails I've sent! This is a huge scam and a lot of people are doing these surveys to make extra money! You want make any money and you'll be wasting your time!!!

Palm trees I took a picture of


Pakistani bikers

No anything

Finally 16oz

never gonna have a 8 oz again

Angry cow

Angry cow want to fight

Bricks off loaded

that's how construction starts in pakistan ... Lol.....

Metro buses

Metro buses leave for Islambad

Mumbai not LONDON

This pic was taken in mumbai...youn can find this building in the posh location of Powai .. Too hard to believe that it's a residential location

Flooded road

Flooded at corner Western highway and Caroline Springs Bvd Deer Park

Allday 2015 goodlife Perth

got too front row


Heavy Rain


Cranbourne rsl

Happening now traffic incident Footscray rd on ramp to Bolte Bridge

Truck jack - knifed making a right hand turn.. massive delays .avoid the area



A man with a big heart!

A man who is so simple and down to earth. He help people without expecting in return. The fouder of Isabelino Ako Organization.


best translator ever

Instead of arresting the bus driver , 3 star police officer is busy taking blood samples first?! It's LIMIT guys, cum on...:(



A beautiful lake near grampian waterfalls