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are you serious?!

Early afternoon while going to work.. I took this annoying pictures of three jeepney cars trying to go first at the line.. I noticed that they are in the middle of the warning line witch is use for the motorists to know were they need to stop when the traffic signals are red. But as you can see this three Jeepney are on the wrong way..

helicopter rescue Sunshine Coast

Middle aged man air lifted to hospital after suffering heart attack whilst climbing Mount Coolum in extreme heat. Taken 11:30am this morning.

Shuttered Glass in the Mall

This was taken during the day we celebrated our Geneology inside the Mall imvited others to come to know their ancestor and where they can know their origin. While the activity was on going suddenly we heard something loud broken glass we rushed to checked and found out the the automatic Mall Glass door was broken.

Skrillex in mumbai

Got a chance to watch and listen to skrillex from a touching distance. The photo is from the yesterday event held at reliance gio gardens BKC mumbai.

North Luzon bus being hostaged

Upon arriving at the scene, media like us aren't allowed to come in near the bus being held by a man. No news of how many passengers yet but had an estimate of 40-50. This near Sta Rita exit in pampanga.

Marikina river overflow

Marikina river overflow due to typhoon Mario

People on their convenient mode of travelling @ equal streets Mumbai

Every Sunday morning from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, on Linking Road, SV Road and a small section of Juhu Road, in the suburbs of Bandra, Khar and Santacruz. One side of the road remains closed to vehicular traffic to create a 6-kilometer long open space for people. The other side will remains open for general traffic. Everyday, people in Mumbai are being squeezed out of spaces meant for walking or cycling by the sheer pressure of cars; whose numbers are growing exponentially each year. Footpaths have either been eradicated or completely encroached upon by other uses. In order to provide better and safer walking and cycling infrastructure, NGOs, cycling groups and residential welfare associations have come together to introduce EQUAL STREETS – a new, innovative concept to correct the fundamental imbalance in our city’s urban planning priorities. Everyone will have access to these open spaces on Sunday mornings. Activities like yoga, zumba and street dancing will be conducted and people of all age groups are welcome to participate and interact with the community. The purpose of Equal Streets is to address the mobility and safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists, by seeking the provision of continuous and well-maintained footpaths and non-motorized transport-specific infrastructure. Through this movement, people seek to make our roads more inclusive, for the benefit and safety of all road users.

nice weather

Nice weather in euroa in Victoria

BEST driver hit to boys. 1 died on the spot and the other boy was seriously injured @Sakinaka Metro Junction.

Sad day for his family... RIP!

Kids tackle trout at annual Silver Lake Fish-In

The annual Kids’ Fish-in at Silver Lake provides children ages 4 to 14 the opportunity to bait, cast and catch trout. Expert guides from the Everett Steelhead and Salmon Club will be on hand to assist.

Stolen, crashed then dumped

This VW golf hit the barrier and then a tree. Has been sitting here for a week. Do Police and council not do their jobs properly and identify and remove it? On Ballarat Road Sunshine

difficult way but yu have to cross

Like it

Scaffold collapsing on Lonsdale St, Melbourne

The demolition of The Age building on 612 Lonsdale st, Melbourne 3000 has come to a halt. As they were pulling down the last standing section of the outside wall, the rubble fell the wrong way and pushed against the scaffolding cashing to almost collapse. Police are here and have closed the road going east until the scaffolding can be put right and secured. But for once, its not Grocons fault!

Where's my car?

Cars owners, had a very difficult time finding their submerged cards during the heavy rains and floods in chennai.

Sydney harbour bridge

Great view of the Sydney harbour bridge

Traffic near at Pune Express highway 31st May 2015

Traffic near at Pune Express highway 31st May 2015

city is calm

Protest continues in capital city of pakjstan islamabad againt rigging, empty roads seen due to certain situation.. dated: 3-9-2014 city: islamabad country: pakistan

cruel act in nepal killing 5000 baffalos

Very cruel act

Removing the containers in Long March

Protesters are removing containers with their won Crain for clearing their way

Bike accident

Accident has taken place in Kandivali thakur complex fly over bridge just now.


Back flip

coconut tree

Tree of life

Storm headed for Maitland NSW

another east coast low headed for maitland!

Flag bearer for ODI Aust v India

My son. :-)

Indigenous Land Rights Protest NAIDOC Week

Indigenous Land Rights Protest NAIDOC Week Federation Square Melbourne Flinders St Station

Rare 1974 Toyota Corolla

Spotted this well kept vintage 1974 Corolla in Islamabad, Pakistan. Quite a rarity these days.

sunshine in river

This photo taken in skardu

Vanilla Vibes - Greece in the World Cup'14

Surreal World Cup atmosphere around the Oakleigh cafés. The spirit of this sport is growing in this country.

Heavy Traffic During Weekend

For those who will take routes heading south along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, think about it. Due to a small road construction between Airport Road area until in front of Lydia's Lechon near baclaran church, heavy traffic is at rage. Most of the vehicles get stuck heading southern areas and heading Airport Road. Drivers and commuters were upset and irate. The construction workers are the ones whose doing the traffic. No traffic enforcers are taking the responsibility. This traffic may take effect within the entire weekend. Alternative route is Macapagal Road. You may also check your traffic apps for other alternative routes.

Collingwood v Adelaide

Another example where people have voted with their feet to let the AFL know that Sunday afternoon Football will not work. Crowd is lucky to be 30,000.

sun rise

Its always a beautiful moment when you see a sun rise it gives you hope strength and power to start your beautiful day ...

Lake mulwala Storm

Scary strong winds

Kurdish sunset

Beautiful kurdish landscape

Shri Balasaheb Thakre statue glimpse

26 feet statue of politician Balasaheb Thakre is near completion

Tree fell on the auto rickshaw .. fellow passenger died on the spot

The tree fell on auto rickshaw ( three wheeler cab) in Mumbai.. The fellow passenger died on the spot.. The incident happened in the Khar East area of Mumbai at around 3 pm IST

Barack Obama @ a food joint during his visit to india

Managed to get a this pic from a mutual friend of Barack Obama having dinner at non so famous food joint in delhi during his visit to India. Hope this has not got viral yet.

Burj Al-Mamlaka, Riyadh, KSA

highest kingdom in saudi arabia

Indian woshipped Goddess Mata rani in skirt

Mata rani worshipped by millions of followers was found enjoying in skirt in Dubai.

Afghan scene

A scene from afghanistan

protest against Load shedding

Protest against LESCO

at night bright way

Night time showing us white way

Avalon Airshow

Four F/18 SuperHornets AKA Rhinos Flying In Formation

Heaven and Waka Flocka

Waka was nice enough to snap a pic with Heaven last Week

A great show!

Dolphins at Ocean Adventures performing a good show.

Culture of Pakistan

Colour of Pakistan. Lamb cook in Desi stuyle in a Village

Stranded people because of the eroded rocks and soil

This is in Manipis Talisay City, Cebu Philippines. The erosions in the area started because of the road widening projects. The area presents very high risks for vehicles and passengers and residents in the area as erosion can happen at anytime especially when raining.

Typhoon Hagupit local name (Ruby)

Floods are getting worst time over time. Many of our neighbors have been stranded in their home as well as our relatives.

Laverda Concourse 2016

Nice bike

affordable meal... unhealthy?

Most common meal for people living in Philippines especially kids... Unhealthy?

Baghdad explosion 1-11-2014

Baghdad explosion 1-11-2014

Glorious sunset

Sun bidding adieu for the day on a clear wintry evening at the Rawal Lake in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Scaffolding being removed after a visit from WorkSafe

A WorkSafe representative came out to 612 Lonsdale st after an accident that almost caused three levels of scaffolding to come crashing to the ground and ordered that it be taken down due to it being too unsafe to remain where it was. Its a slow process removing the scaffold as it could fall at any moment. So far so good but I think they're going to be here a while!

The dirty aftereffects

This was the condition of the road in chennnai after the flood water washed almost everything that people had..

Awesome alaska

Clouds right above anchorage

Flooded at Matraman area cause traffic jam

Matraman - Salemba Raya area, traffic were cause by the flood, and this area is a public route for every workers to go to work and home so you could imagine how crowded it is.

Man wooing

inmate at a facility in mexico believed to be on drugs

Truck accident from back

In satyana Driver while sleeping nd hit on the wall of bridge of canal near faisalabad


Pakistan Punjab Sangla Hill

Russell Crowe

At least he's not wearing his track suit in this picture ! oct 5 th 2014


Came across an ATM of SBI BANK in gujrat where it's also used for tailoring apart from withdrawing cash..

spark in sea

wonderfull spark in Ocean city: Fujera Uae

Thats the sun

I love it ^_^

The Old Session Hall of the Senate of the Philippines

THE RESTORATION, funded mainly by Pagcor, costs P20 million. CHITO VECINA If the walls of the old Senate Session Hall in the former Legislative Building in Manila could speak, imagine the stories they would tell.

Mark Bouris at Camp Cove

nice Budgy smuggler Mr Bouris

Ash from Home and Away

Having Lunch with his Girlfriend at the Boat House Palm Beach


Beautiful winter weather in New Zealand

Chinese people love with dog

Chinese people love with dog , here dog's life is important than others animals .

The Sleeping Dinosaur Mountain in Davao Oriental

This is called the Sleeping Dinosaur because of its unique shape.


China (xinjiang , Urumqi ) from two days raining in Urumqi city in China . Traffic jam during raining in front of xinjiang medical university

Stolen, crashed then dumped

This VW golf hit the barrier and then a tree. Has been sitting here for a week. Do Police and council not do their jobs properly and identify and remove it? On Ballarat Rd Sunshine

Scaffold collapsing on Lonsdale St, Melbourne

The demolition of The Age building on 612 Lonsdale st, Melbourne 3000 has come to a halt. As they were pulling down the last standing section of the outside wall, the rubble fell the wrong way and pushed against the scaffolding causing it to almost collapse. Police are here and have closed the road going east until the scaffolding can be put right and secured. But for once, its not Grocons fault!



Car accident!!

A car and a bank mobile meet an accident at the front of Hercor College...

Train accident

Train accident at churchgate station

Funny firing

must see

Car hit by an oil tanker

this morning in Rawalpindi city this Suzuki car was hit by an oil tanker,no life was saved,three passengers were in the car and were found dead, Location ,sang jani toll plaza,Rawalpindi ,Pakistan


car explosion on eastern freeway

Hyundai certa's test drive accident

Hyundai certa's accident during test drive on Mumbai pune highway

The coffin of the deceased was taken in this black car

At around 6 pm Yakub Memon, the lone convict of 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, who was hanged early today, buried in Mumbai's Bada Kabrastan. It took nearly two hours for the cremation process to complete as a huge crowd had gathered outside the cemetery.

Police and Medics attend to unconscious man

Man falls unconscious at Flinders Street Station around 7pm, 20th August

RIP legend

Gone but not forgotten

J. Hernandez and my friend JT in LA

She's a doll!

Hena design

Took a picture of bride, with hena design on her legs. Looks beautiful.

Waroona Fire

Wagerup Refinery

Lake Ontario- Summer time

Summer a blessing in Canada

Here i come Geelong!

The first wave of storm clouds rolling over the top of Grovedale.

Flood in Manila

number 1 problem in the philippines is flood.

nice voice


Moffat street, St. Albans.

Major raid on house, police everywhere.

Na maloom afrad car Design by sheikh daniyal

awsum work

Gondola Ride inside the Venetian Hotel in Macau

A candid shot of the famouse Gondola ride inside the Venetian Hotel in Macau.

Dicko playing soccer

Asian cup launch

Central Park

Took this photo while in Central Park last January

Woolgoolga truck fire Pacific Highway.

Woolgoolga truck fire Pacific Highway.

Scooter Fun

Downtown living.


cyclone marcia is supposed to be approaching


Sun going down looks bueatiful!

Future Dated Medicine

Got hold of a strip of a medicine from a nearby chemist in Mumbai. Shocked to see future MFG Dated April 2016 on the strip.. This should be highlighted..

Another truck forgot how big he was

Montage St. bridge

Russell Crowe

Off on a date